Thursday, November 3

Vegan Thanksgiving in SLC 2016

From expertly crafted vegan croissants to a buffet of delicious Thai food, Salt Lake has it going on this Thanksgiving! Here is a sampling of the turkey-free options for Thanksgiving 2016. 

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Pie from Cakewalk (Pic stolen from their Facebook page)

First, we start with dessert. Cakewalk Baking Company is accepting online orders for local pickup. I have three words for you: Vegan Pumpkin Pie. Check out their online order form for all the flavors. Also, they're only $12 which is a fantastic deal.

An assortment of goodies from Passion Flour Patisserie. Just give 'em a call or email them. (Stolen pic from FB)

Next up is Passion Flour Patisserie. Imagine how popular you'd be if you showed up to Thanksgiving dinner with vegan croissants! Drop them an email or call to place your order of fancy goodies or fluffy vegan rolls.

And now onto options for a vegan Thanksgiving dinner! It's a Thanksgiving tradition that I just copy and paste Vertical Diner's info from Facebook, so here it is!

We're hosting Thanksgiving at the NEW Vertical Diner location! Join us at 234West/900South in SLC from 12-5pm. Enjoy seasonal favorites, gluten free items and take out options. 20% of Thanksgiving Day profits donated to Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary

Another option for Thanksgiving Dinner is Chabaar Beyond Thai. They'll be offering a T-day buffet that will include vegan options. Seems like a pretty great way to feed the whole family!

There's plenty of tempting local options to keep the turkey off your plate this year! Vegan Thanksgiving is the best kind of celebration - a feast of delicious food, good friends and family and nobody gets hurt!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

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