Thursday, February 4

Sugared Caramel Candy

Photo: Sugared Caramel Candy

Oh they're lovely. And local. Using a family recipe, Sugared Caramel Candy produces small batch, hand wrapped caramels that are simply out of this world.

Vegan Caramel Sauce (photo: Sugared Caramel Candy)

Sea Salt Caramels (photo: Sugared Caramel Candy)

Using high quality ingredients (and local ingredients when possible) Michelle Wolfe, owner of Sugared Caramel Candy, creates decadent, melt in your mouth caramels in a variety of flavors. I was gifted a few packages to experience the array of caramel goodness. (Thank you Michelle!!)
I'm especially fond of the Sea Salt caramels. The sweetness of their originals caramel recipe is accentuated with a dash of local salt. The candy is topped with fleur-de-sel, a flaky, light sea salt. The combination of salty and sweet is extraordinary. Another flavor I love is the Princess Grey, made using black tea infused with bergamot and lavender. The combination of citrus and floral notes create a unique flavor profile that I've never tasted.
Michelle is skilled at making candy. Case in point: vegan caramel. The dairy-free caramels are remarkably tasty - sweet, stretchy and utterly delightful. You can also buy vegan caramel sauce - think of the crazy vegan sundae potential! (Of course she also makes a delicious Salted Caramel Sauce in the traditional buttery milky way.)
You can find Sugared Caramel Candy at the Downtown Farmers' Market, inside Sugarhouse Baking Company and a few other locations in Salt Lake. Check out their website for details (and because it's very pretty!).

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