Monday, May 25

Finca welcomes Spring with more vegetarian options!

The menu at Finca has recently gone under a huge renovation in time for spring. Chef de Cuisine Dallas Olson and Sous Chef’s Carter Light and Jaime Muniz (under the guidance of Executive Chef Phelix Gardner) spent the past few months developing the menu for spring.  It’s bigger and bolder than the previous menus with approximately 40 items – almost double the size. New Spanish flavors and combinations to the menu are available, making use of great spring produce like asparagus, carrots, peas, spring greens and more. The better news is that Finca has expanded their vegetarian options (several which can be made vegan). 

The chefs explain more about their inspiration for the latest menu below:  

Dallas, Carter & Jaime, tell me more about your process for this menu. How did you come up with it? 
We’ve really been inspired this time by a few things that we wanted to make more prominent on the menu.  First is our commitment to food sustainability.  We’ve always bought from local producers, but we want to bring Finca’s quality and focus on sustainability to a new level.  Before finalizing any menu item, we tested products from many of our suppliers and only added things to the menu that we felt represented the best quality product from local sources. 

Take me through some of the new dishes that we’ve never seen at Finca.
This is Finca’s third year as a restaurant, and we continue to explore different regions and cultures in Spain through the food.  Moroccan culture has a big influence in Spain’s food, spices and flavors and we wanted to bring some Moroccan elements to the spring menu, like the Pollo Tagine – a slow-cooked savory stew made in a traditional clay Tagine pot, and the CousCous with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, spring vegetables, and black pepper and mint ricotta.

We also greatly expanded our vegetarian options (some of which can be made vegan).  We always like to have a few tasty vegetarian choices and ended up adding even more than we expected because there are such great produce options right now and everything tasted so good!  So we added and just kept adding – we’ve got Verduras de Primavera sautéed spring vegetables with a simple romesco sauce and shallots, Gazpacho Aguacate a cold avocado soup with orange, candied pistachios and cilantro,  Queso Horneado a baked goat cheese with red pepper jam and house lavosh, Ensalada de Setas asparagus salad with pickled mushrooms, poached egg, iberico lardo and and crisp mushrooms, Paella de Vegetal with spring vegetables, saffron aioli and globe artichokes, along with some of the classics on our menu like the Papas y Aioli and the Ensalada de Remolacha salad with beets and pickled strawberries.

And lastly, we had fun adding more traditional Spanish items to the menu like the Jamon Serrano shaved Spanish ham, chef daily presentation of Empanadas, a traditional Paella Catalana and vegetarian Paella de Vegetal, and a daily selection of 4-6 Pintxos (small 1-2 bite appetizers) like Datils fried dates with bacon and Cabralese blue cheese or Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs.  

Finca is located at 327 W 200 S in Salt Lake City. Check out their menu and make plans to enjoy their new veggie options! 

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