Saturday, April 4

All Chay: All Good

Pho at my desk! 

Rose Park welcomed its first vegan restaurant last month. All Chay is a wonderful surprise, serving vegan Vietnamese fare. Since I work close by, I've eaten there about five or six times. Each time the food was perfect - flavorful, super fresh and OMG delicious. 

BBQ Bahn Mi
The bahn mi sandwiches are to die for. The bread is nice and chewy, perfect with the pickled veggies and whatever "meat" you order. I've tried the vegan sardine (soy and seaweed stuff) and the BBQ - they were both awesome. Make sure you order the pho, it's heavenly dipping the sandwich into the flavorful broth. 

If you ask nicely they'll add some veggies to your pho!
The pho is excellent - a well-flavored broth with star anise, clove, cinnamon and ginger. Accoutrements of lemon, basil, noodles, jalapeno, sprouts and an assortment of tofu and vegan meaty things are served with the broth. It's fun to assemble your ideal pho with a little bit of this and a bit of that.

More pho and bun thit nuong

Now that's what I call "fast food"! Fresh spring rolls to go!

Located at 1264 W 500 N in Rose Park, the outside seems a bit sketchy, but don't let that discourage you. The inside is nice and cheery, and the owners are even more wonderful! Kim Hoa Nguyen and her brother, Binh Nguyen, run the restaurant. They're both passionate about veganism and feeding their customers healthy, delicious animal-free food.

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  1. ALL CHAY IS AMAZING!! Seriously, I love this place. Everyone is so friendly, and the food is so fresh and delicious. Your photos are making me want it again, even though I went a couple days ago! ;)