Wednesday, April 1

3 Cups: Delightful

Most of my coffee-drinking happens while I'm rushing to work. Lingering over a beautifully made latte and elaborate pastry seems downright decadent. I would love to do this a lot more! And now I have my chance. 3 Cups serves perfect lattes and wonderful pastries in the new fancy pants Holladay Village Shopping Center. And it's not downtown, it's BY MY HOUSE!!!

lovely soy latte 
The interior is modern and stark, yet totally comfy. I love how open and bright it is - 3 Cups is the kind of place you could easily spend a few hours reading, writing or studying.

And the pastries!

We all know that Amber Billingsley's pastries are off the hook. She's a local pastry celebrity! Her instagram handle says it all: @buttersugarmagic; the lady loves butter. Her newest venture at 3 Cups has inspired a bit of vegan experimentation, and it's as delicious as it looks.

Take this muffin, it was super moist, loaded with flavorful dried apricot, fluffy as hell and topped with pumpkin seeds. And it's vegan! I'm excited to see what else Amber is going to make for us! 

3 Cups cool interior

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