Sunday, November 23

The Med - Old World Cuisine in South Salt Lake

A lovely dinner! Everyone enjoyed their food - omnivores and vegans alike.
My niece Anna is quite the foodie. She has cultivated her own distinct tastes and knows her way around the kitchen developing a repertoire of vegetarian recipes. I couldn't be more proud. 

For her 13th birthday dinner she chose The Med, a restaurant in South Salt Lake boasting "Old World Food".  She knew I would be thrilled with the amount of vegan options clearly marked on the menu.

The Med, for lack of better term, is a dive. The decor is tacky and the restaurant could use a makeover. But none of that mattered once my food was in front of me. Also, am I a total snob?!

Tablouli salad with a dolma and pickled beets. Anna didn't eat her beets or dolma. SCORE!
Anna and I both settled on the Mediterranean Platter, the perfect way to sample the menu. You can opt for the vegan version, which omits feta from the salad. Baba Ganooj, hummus, tabouli, dolmades, falafel, veggies and basmati rice are included in the dish  - everything we wanted!

My first bite of tabouli salad was fresh and bright, with parsley, mint and lemon standing out. The Greek salad was flavorful with tomato, cucumber and red onion heavily dressed with olive oil and oregano. My favorite addition to the dish was tart pickled beets and a single dolma (rice stuffed grape leaf). Next time I will order a side of dolmades - one was not nearly enough (even though I ate Anna's) and the singular 'dolma' sounds awkward to me.

I almost licked the bowls.

The baba ganooj, a dip made from roasted eggplant, was creamy and smoky. And the hummus was delectable. Instead of wine, I opted for a refreshing lemonade spiked with rose and saffron. Falafel was served amid sauteed zucchini and fluffy basmati rice.

Delicious, tender veggies served with fluffy rice and toothsome falafel.

The meal was perfection and the service was top notch. The Med offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian dishes to enjoy letting you overlook the cheesy decor and get lost in the Mediterranean flavors.

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