Tuesday, November 11

Mano Thai: new name, excellent take-out

Kow Soi - Step One
I'm not sure why, but Bon Appe-Thai changed their name to Mano Thai Diner. Maybe they don't like puns. Luckily, they still have the same awesome menu with vegans options aplenty. The last time I blogged about them, it was because I'd fallen in love with their lunch special. In the last few months they've become my favorite place to stop for take-out because they have crave-able food and a handy pick-up window. They're also adept at packing food, which is my major gripe with take-out. 

Kow Soi - Step Two

For instance, the Kow Soi dish is packed with the rice noodles, pickled greens and fried noodles in one container. The curry and vegetarian meat or tofu is packed separately and wrapped securely with plastic wrap. Once you're home safe, you can flood the noodles with the curry! This is the dish I'm utterly addicted to - the pickled greens, red onions and lime are so perfect with the savory curry sauce. The texture of the fried noodles and vegan beef mixed with the noodles is toothsome and so satisfying. You can also order this dish with tofu or vegan chicken.

the lovely Larb Lettuce Wrap

The other dish I'm really into is the Larb Lettuce Wrap with minced tofu. The tofu is swimming in a flavorful broth with lime and red onions. Sticky rice is included in this dish and makes the whole process of loading up lettuce leaves a lot easier. The box is wrapped in plastic wrap as well as the rice, preventing gross leakage and keeping the rice moist and sticky.

Service is quick and friendly and there is an entire menu of vegetarian options to try. Dishes that include egg are clearly marked and they are happy to omit them upon request. The Pad Thai is excellent without the eggs, for example. For those with tofu fatigue, the vegan meats add a chewy dimension to each dish. In Salt Lake we have a plethora of Thai options, but Mano Thai goes above and beyond to satisfy their vegan customers.

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