Saturday, October 4

Taco Taco: Cheap and delicious veg eats!

This was only $5.00. And it was the best margarita I've had in weeks. I have a lot of margaritas.
This tiny taco shop offers awesome margaritas and delicious tacos at rock bottom prices. Taco Taco is owned by Cannellas, the well-established Italian restaurant next door. With a welcoming and friendly staff and a mellow vibe, Taco Taco is a charming "hole in the wall" joint. 

Squash Blossom tacos, chips and salsa and a Mexican Coke.

My first experience with Taco Taco was after an exhausting day spent at Comic Con. I was totally spent- feet aching and grouchy hungry. I was thrilled to see vegetarian tacos. The Squash Blossom tacos have a creamy, satisfying texture and are topped with Manchego cheese. They were a bit on the mellow side and could have used a trip to the salsa bar, but I didn't have the patience.

My husband and I settled on the colorful outside picnic tables with Mexican Coke, Pineapple Fanta and chips and salsa, and winded down from the hectic day. Our total was was around $16.00 for both of us (four tacos, two drinks). I don't remember the last time we spent that little on food.

Soda in glass bottles taste better.

My last trip was different for a few reasons. I discovered the salsa bar and the margarita menu!! Both are fantastic!

So many toppings and salsa!

Most importantly, I've returned to my vegan roots. Taco Taco's vegan tacos include guacamole, rice and black beans with all the toppings you can handle. My vegan tacos were utterly delicious and beyond reasonably priced. I loaded them up with radishes, cucumbers, onions and salsa. The margaritas are also worthwhile. They are wonderfully fruity, with hints of pineapple - tasty and irresistible, for only $5.00, there is no excuse to abstain!

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