Wednesday, October 22

Kanab Day Two: Fusion House and Rocking V Cafe

Orange "Chicken"

Oh Kanab! We had so much fun in this little town and I was thrilled that every restaurant had vegan options. On our second day we ate at two restaurants, each charming in their own way. Fusion House has a whole vegan menu. I only wish we stayed longer to try a few different dishes. I opted for the Orange "Chicken" - sticky, sweet and fried, it was everything I expected. They use Gardein faux meat, so I knew I'd be happy with my selection.

My niece Anna opted to share my Orange Chicken along with a few appetizers. The miso soup must have been awesome because I didn't get a single slurp!

The Tofu Nuggets were addictively tasty - steamed tofu with veggies breaded and fried served with a savory sauce. Although the entree prices were steep, the inexpensive appetizers and friendly service made up for it. And I do have a soft spot for American Chinese food. :)

So many things to try!

My favorite restaurant experience in Kanab was at the Rocking V. Although they only had a few vegan options, they were delicious!

I ordered the Best Friends Forever sandwich served in a grilled pita and stuffed with spinach, avocado, cucumbers, grilled peppers, quinoa and house-made hummus. It was utterly satisfying. The sandwich came with a smoky, savory chipotle black bean salad. You could actually see the grill marks on the corn!

Anna ordered the best black bean soup. It was flavorful and rich, loaded with veggies and black beans. Served with savory focaccia bread and a tangy balsamic dip, it was one of the most gratifying and filling soups I've had.

For dessert we split the chocolate mousse. It was rich and decadent - bittersweet chocolate sweetened with maple syrup.

Kanab surprised me in the nicest of ways - vegan food! When we visit again I'll be sure to know where to eat and what to order. I can't wait to visit again.

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