Sunday, September 14

Roots Cafe: Hooray for vegetarian breakfast options!

I'd remembered driving past Roots Cafe and hearing a few good things about them. Tucked away in Millcreek, this cafe looks and feels like California, with its laid back vibe and focus on healthy, local food. We stopped by at 10:00 am on a busy Saturday morning. The patio was buzzing, tables full of happy diners. We opted to eat inside to avoid a wait. 

Roots Cafe is small, cheerful spot. The decor is funky and fun. The servers were friendly, attentive and quick. The menu, although small, has quite a few vegetarian and vegan options. Their motto is "Fresh, Local, Creative Eats." Open for breakfast and lunch, this cafe has gained quite a following. Roots Cafe serves a bunch of freshly pressed juices. I opted for the Cucumber Cooler with cucumber, apple, lemon and mint instead of coffee. It was refreshing and actually woke me up!

Next time we will surely eat on the patio.

I ordered the PETA Sandwich. It was love at first bite. Rich house made pesto was slathered on fluffy Parmesan Rosemary ciabatta bread with a slice of heirloom tomato, pepper jack cheese and deliciously meaty house made veggie sausage. The sausage was wonderful with a toothsome texture and all the right herbs, like fennel and sage. I skipped the eggs and requested tofu. It was bland and the sandwich certainly didn't need it. The red potatoes were perfection, both crispy and soft.

My husband was not as charmed with his breakfast as I was. He was craving Vertical Diner's delicious version of biscuits and gravy. Unfortunately, this did not compare. The veggie sausage couldn't save the tasteless biscuits and gravy. The unflavored tofu did not help. There are a lot of interesting veg options on the menu, like the breakfast burrito and pancakes, so I'm confident he will find something he loves. Because I definitely need to come back for the rest of the menu.

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