Friday, September 26

Pizza Rev - A chain with plenty of veg options!

Pizza Rev can best be described as Chipotle for pizza. You place your order, select your toppings, and poof! You have pizza! The prices are reasonable, $8.99 for unlimited toppings on a personal size pizza.

Like most pizza places, vegetarian options are endless. I was thrilled they have things like arugula and capers. But what's really awesome is that they have Daiya, so if you're vegan, you can enjoy a cheap, easy pizza just like everyone else.

My pizza had capers, buffalo mozzarella, olives, arugula and pesto. Not too bad. I especially loved the crust, wafer thin and crispy. The pesto oil was delicious. I'm crossing my fingers that it's vegan, since it's the direction I'll be taking in the future. I'll be sure to report back.

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