Saturday, September 27

Karma: Awesome Indian food with a concience

Vegetable Samosa

Is there anything better than Indian food? Nope. It's comforting and spicy, and mostly vegetarian. My husband and I were invited to a preview of Karma, a new Indian food restaurant in Sandy. With an emphasis on fair-trade, sustainable and local products, Karma sparked my interest with a single email.

Another Vegetable Samosa :) and Bombay Frites
Located in a strip mall in Sandy, I wasn't expecting a glamorous restaurant but that is exactly what I discovered. Beautiful chandeliers, sleek interior and mellow vibe, Karma would be ideal for a date night.

Coconut Kurma and Naan
And the food! Oh my God the food! It is so good. The samosas, crisp with a flavorful potato filling, were irresistible. The Bombay Frites were spicy and perfectly fried. And my favorite vegan Indian dish, Coconut Kurma, was sweet and savory.

Gulab Jamon

As much as I love Indian food, Indian dessert kinda freaks me out. I've been duped by some interesting looking things on the buffet. Happily both desserts I tried were delicious. The Gulab Jamon were tender, and bursting with flavor. Soaked in cardamon syrup and served with coconut cream, they were utterly delightful. The Mango Kheer, a rice pudding flavored with mango pulp, was refreshing and satisfying.

Mango Kheer
This restaurant feels like something special. I predict Karma will gain quite a following. The food and atmosphere is compelling. They boast that 98% of their menu is vegan (I can't wait to visit again to explore more of the menu!) and their commitment to local produce and fair trade spices is impressive. Visit Karma at 860 East 9400 South in Sandy and let me know what you think!

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