Sunday, August 31

Utah Eat Local Week - Sign up!!

During the week of September 6 - 13, Slow Food Utah is sponsoring Eat Local Week. Sign the pledge, declare your level of commitment and pass it along to your friends. The more people in your community taking the challenge with you, the more fun it is. Also, they might share their food! :)
There are many reasons to eat local. It’s better for the environment, our economy and blah blah blah. There are plenty articles about the benefits to eating local. But this blog post is about why and how I do it. I can’t really cook (I “assemble” as I call it) and have zero patience for pickling, canning and what have you. But you know what? I eat local most every day. “How do you do that person who can’t cook?” you may ask. Let me tell you.

Eating local makes being lazy delicious. Grab a tub of Laziz hummus and an Armenian cucumber as you dash out of the door for work. Scramble up some Clifford Farm eggs and saute some greens or veggies. Make a tomato sandwich with a baguette from Eva’s Bakery and your favorite mayo for a satisfying meal. Use all your fun kitchen gadgets like slow cooker and pressure cooker to make soups and stews. 

I will be posting EASY (like, super easy) recipes and ideas so please check back. But the most important thing you can do right now is SIGN UP

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