Wednesday, June 25

Brett Pale Ale: A tasty collaboration between Epic and Lauter Day Brewers

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The Annex by Epic Brewing announces the tapping of its first collaboration beer with the local homebrew club The Lauter Day Brewers.

The unique recipe was developed by members of the Lauter Day Brewers homebrew club and brewed on The Annex’s seven barrel system. The beer was brewed with the assistance of over 25 of the clubs members on May 17th.

The beer is an untraditional Pale Ale fermented with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, a unique “wild” yeast associated with the Brussels region of Belgium. The complex aroma is reminiscent of a rustic agrarian setting, combining pine, dandelion, hay, and wool. As a counterpoint to the aroma, the taste is bright and sharp with tangy orange-citrus and spice. The malt is short and upfront with hints of dark rye and crust and is balanced by a crisp well rounded bitterness on the finish.

“Homebrewers are a major, creative force in craft beer,” said Brewmaster Kevin Crompton, “They are always pushing the boundaries of flavor and exploring unique ingredients. Many of us started our careers in the beer industry brewing beer in our garage and we want to help and encourage the next generation of great craft brewers.”

The Annex is planning to continue collaborating with local homebrew groups to release new beers periodically.

“Salt Lake City has a fantastic homebrewing scene, full of passionate beer lovers. It’s fantastic to see the pride people feel when they have a pint of beer that they had a hand in making. The Annex is glad to be part that,” explained Ty Eldridge, the Front of House Manager at The Annex.

The beer will remain on tap at The Annex until it runs out. And I have it on good work that it will be there for a few more weeks.

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