Saturday, May 3

Zabiha Grill: Vegetarian Options

I started writing this last night but I was in a carb coma from my decadent meal. Dazed, I sat on the couch and watched like four episodes of Modern Family. Let me try this again .... 

Zabiha Grill is located in a strip mall in West Valley City. It's amazing the food you can find in strip malls in West Valley City. Serving Indian food ranging from hardcore meaty to heavenly vegetarian, there's something for everyone on the menu.

I'm extremely fond of the Saag Paneer. I've ordered it three times in a row. You'll be so hungry when you see the sizeable squares of housemade paneer cheese. It's not like the rubbery white squares we've come to expect. Smothered in a spicy butter sauce with spinach and tomato, this dish just kills me. So decadent and so satisfying. I've been ordering the dish with mild spices, and it's plenty spicy. 

Entrees come with rice or naan (both are good choices). The naan is tasty, charred slightly and perfect for scooping up curry. The rice is nice and fluffy too.

Vegetable pakoras are a perfect beginning to your meal. Veggies mixed with chickpea flour are light and deep fried. They're served with a creamy hot sauce and a sweet red sauce. (Forgive me for not knowing their proper names!).  The Vegetable Samosas are also delicious. Housemade dough containing potatoes, peas and spices. And ya. They're fried. Very good stuff.

Zahiba Grill features a lunch buffet for only $12.00 Monday - Saturday. It's a great opportunity to sample everything and become acquainted with the menu. 

If you're following me on Instagram, you'll know that I fell in love with Zabiha Grill the minute I walked in. The smells were intoxicating and the service was super friendly. I immediately knew I had found my new favorite place for take out!

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