Saturday, May 31

Real fast food at Cafe Zupa's

A local fast food chain serving delectable vegetarian (and one killer vegan) soups, a plethora of fresh fruity salads and veggie sandwiches is a dream come true for me. Cafe Zupas is lifesaver for those of us who are a little busy and a lot picky about what they eat.

They were nice enough to send me a gift card to sample their food and I made use of it for a weekend lunch at my parent's house.  My family and I tried three different soups: Wild Mushroom Bisque, Garden Chowder and Zucchini and Corn.

Soups are served with french bread. The condiment bar is stocked with pats of local butter and saltines (among other things) to personalize your soup experience.

The mushroom soup was fragrant and earthy, with herbaceous notes. Very lovely. Mushroom soup is one of my favorite comfort foods. I've even been known to warm a pan of Campbell's Mushroom Soup and devour it with a sleeve of saltine crackers. I like mushroom soup. :)  Cafe Zupas version is a lot more sophisticated than Campbell's, made with Shittake, Button and Crimini mushrooms.

Zucchini and Corn soup tasted fresh and summery and was a pretty shade of green. It was silky and light - perfect for lunch! This soup isn't on the menu, it's seasonal. Make sure you try it before it's gone.

My favorite was the Vegetable Chowder. This surprised me because I had to force myself to order it. I was worried it would be too thick and gloppy. I'm generally suspicious of chowder. But oh no - it was perfection. Not too thick, chocked full of garden veggies and very satisfying to tuck into.

The Red Raspberry Spinach Salad is topped with grapes, pistachios, dried cranberries, pears, and Blue Cheese with a tangy Red Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing. Everything was fresh and tasty. I thought the amount of toppings were disappointing and if I order this again, I'd be sure to ask for extra!

My parents ordered meaty panini sandwiches and utterly fell in love. My dad, who is far pickier than me, LOVED his sandwich. And so did my mom. We've never agreed on an American restaurant. And that is what is so unique about Cafe Zupas, AWESOME VEGETARIAN OPTIONS.

Super quick and super yummy, Cafe Zupas has vegan and veg options, serve fresh, normal, real food are scattered throughout the state. AND chocolate-covered strawberries.
I'm already day-dreaming about my next visit: Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Tomato Basil Soup. 

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