Monday, April 7

Cheese flights at Caputo's on 15th

Your plans have changed for April 12, 2014. An open house at Caputo's on 15th  is celebrating the return of Andy Fitzgerald, a former cheesemonger at Caputo’s Downtown. He's bringing his sharpened skill set to launch a new cheese program at Caputo’s on 15th, namely: Cheese Flights. This superscedes any other plans you may have had. Admission and samples are free! The open house starts at 4:00 pm. 

This will also be your first chance to enjoy a Cheese Flight, selected by Fitzgerrell and Matt Caputo, both American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals – the highest standard certification for cheese professionals in the U.S. – and are complementary to each other, creating a crescendo in flavor and intensity.

There are three separate flights of cheeses to suit any palate. Each Cheese Flight starts with a softer, subtle cheese, and then increases in flavor and complexity with the next two. The Cheese Flight program would not be complete without deliberate libation pairings featuring great wines and beers. The selection at Caputo’s on 15th is impressive. Each Cheese Flight comes with a suggested red wine, white wine and/or beer pairing, recommended to enhance the flavors of the cheeses and the libations, as well as to bring out tantalizing tertiary flavors.

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