Sunday, March 30

Taqueria 27: Vegetarian options for days

Taqueria 27 serves Latin American street food made with local, seasonal ingredients. And they are extremely vegetarian and vegan friendly. My husband and I both love T2; there are plenty of interesting veg options for me and lots of meaty tacos for my husband. 

At Taqueria 27, even the usual stuff is spectacular. Starters include six types of guacamole and five different types of salsa, both served with warm, crispy, freshly fried tortilla chips. Our favorite salsa is the T27; it's a deep crimson red, smoky and perfectly hot. The Chipotle salsa was also right on with a toasty, earthy taste. We were also pleased with the De Arbol salsa, which was vibrant with tomato and bright red De Arbol chiles. I enjoy all the variations of guacamole, but the taste profile of the Roasted Guacamole ($5.70) hits my happy tastebuds. Smoky, roasted peppers, garlic and lime is a fabulous combination of flavors.  

Their salads are far from boring. I'm fond of the Mexican Style Cobb salad filled with tomatoes, jicama, queso fresco, avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, shredded romaine, corn, roasted peppers, shredded cabbage and cucumber. Add roasted mushrooms for an extra $2. 
And the tacos! The Roasted Mushroom tacos are to die for. Meaty roasted mushrooms, Mexican Truffles, gorgonzola, chimichurri, and crispy leeks wrapped in a corn tortilla take me to Taco Nirvana. Crispy, meaty, cheesy taco heaven.

The Oaxacan Mole Platter ($10.49) is one of their most popular dishes. It’s made the traditional way, with mellow Mulato chili peppers, Mexican chocolate and cinnamon. The vegan version is served with grilled portobello mushroom, sliced and smothered in mole sauce, served with two sides and three steaming hot tortillas. I selected the slow-cooked pinto beans and the Fresh 3 Pepper cilantro rice studded with colorful peppers. It was wonderful assembling each specific bite.

There are plenty of beverages to try at Taqueria 27, but I couldn’t get past ordering T27’s own Wasatch Beer’s Jalapeno Cream Ale. This beer is unique; It has a pleasant, heavy jalapeno aroma and distinct flavor, but it wasn’t hot. It was so refreshing with our meal! The cocktail menu is also worth checking out. 

I'm happy to report that a second location is being built in Holladay and will open this spring. We can't wait. A restaurant appealing to omnivore and vegetarian palates with such mind-blowing food doesn't come around very often. 

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