Wednesday, February 5

Zest Kitchen & Bar will make you think twice about vegetarian food!

<3 A beautiful picture of the Salted Caramel Hazelnut Torte by Esther, my editor at SLUG. Visit her tumblr for more food!

Zest Kitchen & Bar has been open for a few years but I hadn't visited before SLUG Magazine asked me to review it for the January issue.  The food was fantastic and so much more satisfying than I'd ever imagined.

Let me assure you as a junk-food vegetarian (sandwiches and pancakes are my jam!) that Zest Kitchen & Bar serves killer cuisine. You won't leave hungry or feeling like you dined on rabbit food. Each dish has layers of vibrant flavor and different textures. And I've been consistently craving the chocolate cake since I first tried it.

I don't seem to get out at night much so I was thrilled when I learned that Zest Kitchen & Bar is now open for lunch Tuesday - Saturday. This is great news for homebodies and day drinkers like myself!
Check out my review in SLUG for details about my favorite drinks and dishes and let me know what you think! 


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