Wednesday, February 12

The Chocolate Conspiracy

I can't stop thinking about chocolate since I wrote this article for City Weekly a few weeks ago about The Chocolate Conspiracy. There are a lot of things to love about this place; everything is dairy-free and spectacular. I especially love picking up a few treats from the downtown Farmers' Market. A box of truffles or a cup of drinking chocolate is a welcome addition to my haul. 

One of my favorite moments in eating history. The tahini cup from The Chocolate Conspiracy.
What distinguishes the Chocolate Conspiracy is their dedication to the healthy and wholesome aspects of chocolate. "It is raw, organic, and sweetened with raw local honey. My goal was to create a healthier option, but also be a fine food." says AJ Wentworth, the owner.

"Everything I make is refined sugar free, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, and I never use artificial ingredients or preservatives." says AJ, "All the flavors come from whole foods: herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruits and balsamic vinegars. Everything is hand crafted. Start to finish. Pouring bars by hand, all the way to wrapping and labeling."

The Chocolate Conspiracy can be found in their shop downtown, the Farmer's Market or Caputo's. All of my favorite places. ;)

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  1. Everything is vegan, and... sweetened with honey?

    1. Whoa. Sorry. Just changed it to "dairy-free".