Sunday, February 23

Smoothies, juice and vegetarian lunch options at Pulp in City Creek

Pulp is a juice bar with satisfying vegetarian lunch options in City Creek, located in downtown Salt Lake City. Josh, one of the owners, was gracious enough to invite my husband and me for lunch. After reading Chelsea's review for her blog, Heartbeat Nosh, I knew Pulp would be worthwhile.

Many different smoothies and combinations of juice are available here. This isn't Jamba Juice, this is real local fruit and food. You might pay a few more bucks, but it's entirely worthwhile. We split the Tropic Thunder, a smoothie containing orange juice, pineapple, mango, strawberry with coconut juice. There's a few different boosts to add to your smoothie, Josh suggested coconut. So delicious. Next time I'll experiment with the juices; they all looked amazing.

You can also buy shots of wheat grass. They grow the wheat grass right there in front of huge windows with a beautiful view of Downtown Salt Lake City. 

Pulp is located directly inside of City Creek Gym. It's not the scene for a leisurely lunch with friends, but it's ideal for a quick healthy bite. They offer paninis and house made soup and everything on the menu is vegetarian - a welcome addition to Salt Lake's vegetarian and vegan options.

And now here is my favorite part: freshly ground peanut butter without oil or salt. Their PB Paninis can be made a bunch of different ways. Grilled PBJ's are a weakness of mine, but since we were trying to sample everything on the menu, I didn't order it. (But I did taste the heck out of my husbands sandwich!) My husband opted for the addition of banana chocolate spread, but you can also add chia seeds, local honey or jam. Look at the menu for all the options.

The paninis are made on a wholesome muli-grain bread. They're not humungous sandwiches, oozing to many ingredients. They're a reasonable size for a healthy lunch so you won't fall asleep at your desk. I ordered the Tuscan Panini with provolone, tomato, yummy pesto and roasted red peppers. It was absolutely perfect dipped into the Tomato soup. Just lovely!

Tomato soup is a great addition to the menu. The soup changes everyday, and it's always vegetarian and made with fresh, local ingredients.

Pulp is the ideal place to stop by for a quick nutritious lunch or drink with local ingredients. Lunch including soup and a sandwich will only set you back $8! That's cheaper than fast food!

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  1. I NEED that tomato soup! And I work right by there!

    1. It's delicious! Just a cute healthy place for lunch!