Saturday, February 8

Gossip Tapioca Drinks: Great drinks and vegetarian food!

Is it crazy to write a blog post after I've only eaten here once? Maybe. But I've got a good feeling about this place and after checking the reviews on Urbanspoon, I feel confident in recommending Gossip for delicious drinks AND food.

I've visited Gossip Tapioca Drinks many times for Boba Tea, the fruity, creamy tea-based drink with large balls of chewy tapioca. During the summer nothing is more refreshing. I also take much joy in puncturing the sealed plastic top with a large sharp straw.

I ordered Da Bomb for my husband, a combination of banana, mango, orange and tapioca smoothie. He loved it. I ordered the Red Bean Special, a unique smoothie made with glass jelly, sweet-ish red beans, coconut pudding and tapioca. I love the textures in here - everything from slippery jelly, to actual beans and the big chewy tapioca balls.

Gossip is a great place for takeout. They serve both Chinese and Vietnamese dishes, so there are lots of vegetarian options.Your drinks arrive first, so you have something to do while you wait.  Most dishes can be made with tofu.

The House Lemon Grass with tofu sounded pretty good. And it was.Simmered with lemongrass and some heat, yellow and green peppers, onions and fried tofu balance between sweet and savory. Served over fluffy jasmine rice, I couldn't ask for a more satisfying dish.

Based on what I ordered, Gossip is going to become one of my usual places for takeout. There are a lot more vegetarian dishes. And I'm going to try them!Like Gossip Tapioca Drinks on Facebook; it's the only place I've found the full menu.

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