Saturday, February 22

Check out Bon Appe-Thai for vegan lunch specials!

Bon Appe-Thai opened about a year ago in South Salt Lake. I never paid much attention to the unassuming restaurant until last week when Jordan Kasteler posted in the SLC Vegan Facebook page about the endless, delicious vegan options. And then I remembered seeing this Salt Lake Tribune review written by Stuart Melling. (Thank you both!) The internet exists for two things: cute pictures of cats and sharing tips about great food with your friends.

Lunch started off with the Curry Puffs, triangles of delicate flaky pastry hiding mellow curried potatoes. There is a wide selection of lunch options on their  vegetarian menu and they all sound delicious. I selected the Massaman Curry, a comforting melody of coconut milk,tender potatoes and peanuts with a touch of heat. 

The lunch combination includes two selections from the menu. My second choice was the Tofu Pad Pra Ram, steamed veggies and tofu with peanut sauce. The veggies were fresh and crisp, the tofu was toothsome. And for seven bucks, it's a steal.

Visit Bon Appe-Thai for friendly service, vegan options and low prices! Almost too good to be true :)

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