Thursday, January 2

Off the Grid's Underground Vegan Special

Off the Grid? More like OFF THE CHAIN. Behold the underground special for this week. Coconutty waffles, marinated tempeh and grilled pineapple smothered in a chili sauce make for one fantastic sandwich. Hopefully this vegan offering will show up on the regular menu! 

Sometimes my dedication to checking Facebook and Twitter every five minutes pays off. Like yesterday when Off the Grid posted their underground special. The first five folks to respond to their Twitter account when prompted on Wednesday get to wrap their lips around their (always changing and always over-the-top) underground special for free at Gallivan Ave on Thursday. The payment is to post the pic on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. That's easy enough. And when waffles and vegan food are involved, I'd do one better - a blog post. 

I was introduced to Off The Grid SLC last summer at the Utah Beer Festival. I ordered the Mt.Olympus, a healthy Mediterranean chickpea and veggie wrap and loved it! They also serve vegan Chipotle Tacos that sound tasty.

So, follow them on Twitter and support this awesome food truck!! :)

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