Monday, December 23

Christmas Staycation

Hello inversion!

I like the Peery Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City for a few reasons, it's historic, straight-forward, and feels like maybe Jack Kerouac stayed here. What it lacks in amenities, it makes up for in charm and character. Originally built in the early 1900's and advertised as a great place for "your wife, sister or mother", the Peery Hotel is just a nice place to get away for a night. It's also located close to my favorite restaurants, so it was my first choice for a quick staycation before December got crazy with Christmas.

This particular December day the air quality was miserable. Outside was thick and grey and you could almost taste the air. The elevator was broken, so we ran up three flights of stairs to our room. I had a full-on asthma attack, gasping for air, shaking and all that stuff. I've never had an asthma attack before. Shit's terrifying. Suddenly, I didn't feel much like walking around downtown even if I did have my heart set on fancy cocktails and food from Pallet or Zest.

Most good back-up plans involve pizza and ours was no different. Delivery from Este Pizza in Salt Lake saved the day. Offering plenty of delicious vegan options for me and regular stuff for my husband, we were both extremely happy with this decision. We would just chill in our room, eat pizza and watch network tv.

Golden raisins always make a salad better.

I have to order the Este Salad every time. It's a happy little salad containing golden raisins, sunflower seeds, olives and red onions. It makes me feel less bad about eating copious amounts of garlic knots.

And here are the little bastards. Super garlicy, crisp knots of pizza dough dipped in marinara are ridiculously delicious. And ya, they're vegan. They also have vegan stromboli.

Look. At. This. Stromboli. Melty, oozy Daiya cheese with hearty vegan meatballs and olives wrapped in pizza dough. So damn good.

Even though I almost suffocated on the air, our night was still pretty awesome. The beds at the Peery Hotel are super comfy and they have really good free coffee in the morning. (I never like free coffee!)The hilarious @SLC Inversion appeared on Twitter that evening and well, Este Pizza is one of the best places to eat. Amused, well-fed and rested, Christmas Staycation was a success!

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  1. Este's garlic knots are some of the best things on the planet! I love them!