Monday, October 14

Real Foods Market, real good food

My favorite weekends are spent grocery shopping. It's all the leisure I need, wandering through isles and finding new things to try. This weekend I discovered a new place to spend my weekends, the new location of Real Foods Market in Sugarhouse. Located on Highland Dr. and 2200 S. it's easy to find and super-convenient.

Real Foods Market is a local supermarket carrying produce from nearby farms, natural beauty products, and all sorts of real food. They also contain a cute little cafe serving soup, salads and sandwiches along with coffee and fresh juices. If you like Whole Foods but think they are corporate bastards, Real Foods Market is for you. 

delicious vegan soup

The shelves are stocked with all sorts of delicious things. Vegan staples like Veganaise share space with fun products like artisan sauerkraut. And there were tons of healthy, real food snacks. Besides vegan snacks and staples, they also offer local dairy and cheese. They're famous for selling unpasturized milk, but I'm not on that bandwagon, I'll stick with my almond milk :)

The space is adorable, it's bright and colorful and has great quotes about food plastered on the walls. There are lots of great samples available like Earthpaste, a natural (and yummy) toothpaste that is made from all-natural local products. No animal testing and no scary ingredients in here.

Drop by soon and check them out. They also have seminars and lots of books about eating clean. A locally-owned  option for produce, and natural foods is a welcome addition to the Sugar House area. Suck it Whole Foods.

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  1. I heard real foods market was coming - too bad I moved before it arrived!