Monday, September 30

Welcome Sofritas, a new vegan option at Chipotle

A burrito bowl with Sofritas, black and pinto beans, brown rice, guacamole and hot sauce

Chipotle has been in the news a lot lately, or at least what I consider news, my Facebook page and Twitter feed. Their creepy Scarecrow commercial, a call against factory farming and big agriculture featuring Fiona Apple's creepy rendition of that creepy Willy Wonka song has taken over the internet. The commercial shows the dark side of industrial food. Chickens are fattened up to twice their size with drugs, and miserable cows are shown in factory farms. The scarecrow decides to serve food to the masses in a different, happy way.

Chipotle is all about "food with integrity". They've done things differently in the fast food world, insisting on meat without antibiotics and requiring the animals have a little elbow room to move around and do natural animal stuff. And there's great options for those who avoid eating animals: burritos, tacos and salads made with filling black and pinto beans (the pinto beans are no longer made with bacon) sauteed veggies, brown or white rice, delicious guacamole are the most convientant and tasty vegan fast food.

With the introduction of Sofritas, zesty shredded organic tofu with chipotle chilis and smoked poblamas, Chipotle is even better. The Sofritas add a meaty, chewy and spicy dimension to their normally awesome food. It's an addition that will appeal to everyone. And a total Win for veganism.

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