Wednesday, September 25

Try the Barnana! A Vegan Cuts giveaway!

I love getting my Vegan Cuts Snack Box every month. After my husband steals the protein bars, I stash the remaining sample-size treats in my work drawer like some kind of squirrel secretary. I've got everything from tea to macaroons in there. When they asked me to review a product coming in September's Snack Box and do a giveaway I was thrilled. Not only do I get to sample a preview of September's treats, I get to share them.

Barnana is a chewy little banana bar with no other ingredients. Just dried bananas. It's the ultimate snack, satisfying both foodie and sweet cravings. Loaded with feel-good potassium and high in fiber, Barnana is ideal for midday snacks. It gets you through an afternoon slump and can stave off hunger for a few hours. There is also a chocolate covered version that is better tasting than any candy.

If you would like to try these yummy treats, comment with your favorite way to eat bananas. I'll pick a random winner on Wednesday, October 2, so be sure to check back!!


  1. I like to freeze bananas in small chunks, theyre tasty like that, or throw the frozen bananas in the food processor with some cocoa powder for some simple chocolate banana "ice cream"! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I love to blend bananas in smoothies.

  3. My favorite way to eat them is to combine a frozen banana with chocolate soy milk and peanut butter in a blender!

    1. my most favorite food combination :)

  4. Frozen bananas are the best in smoothies, and bananas in oatmeal are pretty darn good too

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