Monday, September 2

Organic Baba Black Lager

There is no shortage of great beer in Salt Lake City, but once in a while, I'll find a beer I'm especially fond of. This summer the Organic Baba Black Lager from Uinta Brewery has stolen my heart.

I love this beer for many many reasons. Firstly, I liked the cute sheep on the label but after tasting the dark smoothness, I was in love. Baba Black Lager is pitch black, made with organic barley and hops and tastes like smooth chocolate and roasted coffee. It's perfect for meaty vegan fare, like hand-made seitan, and tempeh.

And yep, it's a vegan beer. If you miss Guinness since it's NOT vegan, Baba Black Lager will have a permanent place in your fridge. And your heart.


  1. cool! I just discovered your blog through Mofo and I love it! How awesome that you have so many great vegan finds in SLC. Way to be a great voice for veganism! :) Also, how awesome to have a vegan version of Guinness!

  2. I found this beer this summer and have enjoyed it also (love a good lager and, yes, the sheep is very cute!). I am a vegan living in the Salt Lake area and obviously need to do some deeper reading of your blog. I just discovered Buds over the weekend, but see by a quick search that you have written about Buds more than once. How on earth did I miss that?