Friday, September 6

Miracle Harvest, eat well and help kids!

Today I was invited to the launch of Miracle Harvest, a delicious way to give back to the community. 100% from the sale of their tasty salad dressings and robust marinara support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Each item is less than $3.00 and from what I tasted today, totally legit. Everything in the line besides ranch is totally vegan which was a happy surprise :) They are available at  most stores throughout Utah, but we heard that Smith's Grocery will be selling them 2 for $5.00 - a great deal. 

A lovely pasta and salad buffet allowed each of us hungry bloggers to sample each product. Standouts to me were the Balsamic Dressing and the Garlic Herb pasta sauce. They both had a good smack of flavor that sometimes lacks in bottled dressings and sauce.

I'm looking forward to using the balsamic dressing in my best tofu recipe. And ya, I'll post it later this month.

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  1. This looks intriguing - I really WANT to find a bottled dressing that I like, but apparently I'm way too picky! I keep trying...