Saturday, September 7

Eat at Buds!

Fresh lettuce topped with black beans, fire-grilled jackfruit, fresh sliced veggies, and guacamole. Served in a warmed tortilla with housemade cilantro lime dressing
Buds is a darling vegan deli in the heart of Salt Lake City. Offering comfort food sandwiches like meatball subs and philly cheese steaks, they are a favorite for lunch.

I know I know I know. I can't stop eating and talking about this salad. Buds is just that good. And I'm that obsessed. There's a lot to this salad. It begins with a grilled tortilla topped with fresh lettuce, delectable bbq jackfruit and black beans - totally a meal itself. But THEN (I'm saying this in my Guy Fieri voice) THEY UP THE ANTE TOPPING THE SALAD WITH A GARLICY GUACAMOLE, A LIPSMACKIN  CILANTRO LIME DRESSING AND COOL IT ON DOWN WITH A GINGER SOURCREAM.

Vegan MoFos, if you're in SLC, Buds is an absolute must for lunch.

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