Friday, September 6

20 years of good vegan food at Liberty Heights Fresh!

lovely and local Amour Spreads , just a sampling of the offerings at Liberty Heights

Twenty years ago a gas station was converted to a bougie grocery shop and history was made.Liberty Heights Fresh is one of the most fun places to shop in Salt Lake City. They have it all.

Filled to the brim with the best local food, vegan options are plentiful. "At Liberty Heights Fresh, when you look around the store, in fact, most of what is on our shelves is vegan." says Erica L. Sykes, marketing manager. "Although we are known for meats and cheeses, filling our store is a fantastic variety of certified organic whole fruits and vegetables, responsibly grown local produce plus many organic vegan prepared dishes such as as salads, soups and sides to make it easy for you."  

I always buy figs at the Downtown Farmers Market :) Always.
Liberty Heights also has an amazing searchable recipe database on our website with over 150+ vegan recipes and 300+ vegetarian recipes.
There are so many delectable reasons to live in Salt Lake and Liberty Heights is certainly one of them. Here's to another 20 years.

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