Saturday, August 10

I'm moving to Saffron Valley

Saffron Valley East India Cafe is a comfortable and kinda sexy restaurant serving delectable home style, authentic Indian food. Low lights and a lush interior are an ideal setting for Date Night. My husband I are are becoming regulars here.

We were graciously invited to come sample their vegan dishes. Our dinner started with Pani Poppers, which were fun little bowls filled with savory potatoes and onions. The little cuties are served with saffron water, which you pour inside the puff and then pop into your mouth. The poppers are certainly fascinating and delicious, with different flavors and textures bursting in your mouth. There were a few other varieties of Poppers and I would like to eat them all forever.


Pani Poppers $6
Puffed crisps, tangy mashed potatoes, onions, served with spicy tamarind water

Our next dish was just as impressive. The Masala Dosa is essentialy a huge sheet of fermented rice/bean pancake stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes served with a lentil dippy soup. This dish is just amazeballs. No other words. Breaking off bits of the pancake and dipping them deep into lentil soup is the Indian version of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Not really. But just as comforting and yummy.

The other item on our dish were Vada, light fluffy fried lentil doughnuts served with sweet coconut chutney and a tangy tomato chutney. They were impossibly light inside and perfectly fried and crisp on the outside. I really love Indian street food and Saffron Valley has a lot of different options to try.

The Classic Masala Dosa $6
mashed spiced potatoes
 Vada $6
3 pcs of savory fried lentil doughnuts served with sambhar and chutneys

And then there was the curry. I like curry, but this knocked my socks off. Brimming with veggies and pretty darn hot, my husband and I both enjoyed the heat and texture. The curry was well-seasoned and creamy smooth. They also served us vegan naan, which I didn't think existed.

fairly hot curry, uses a robust blend of spices and chilli powder

Indian restaurants make the best vegetarian and vegan food in my opinion. They like, invented it since they have the largest veg population in the world. I'm looking forward to sampling the other veg items on the menu and my husband had his eye on some meat stuff, so we will absolutely be back. A lot.

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