Sunday, July 28

Murray Farmers' Market and freaky huge blackberries

Volker's Bakery offering samples

If the other farmers' markets give you an anxiety attack, I'd like to suggest the Murray Farmers' Market. There are no throngs of hipsters, strollers and questionable jewelry. You won't need to dodge the hippies shopping for local produce. For someone blessed with a myriad of anxiety and people issues, I take refuge in the Murray Farmers Market where I can calmly plan a week's worth of meals during one trip. It's quiet, offers plenty of different vendors and the prices are beyond reasonable.

Ridiculous blackberries.

I'm so grateful for this little market focused on farmers and produce. During late summer, there is no other place I'd like to shop. Open on Friday and Saturday from 9 to two and hosting quite a few local farmers, a handful of bakeries and a few others like Drake Farm Dairy and a nice family making tamales, it's the perfect size. Plenty of veggies and ripe fruit like peaches, melons and berries were available during the opening weekend. And I went home with  plenty other goods like broccoli, onions and garlic.

I think that guy stole a shopping cart. 

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