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Just don't go to Lagoon, okay?


There are so many places to enjoy the summer that don't keep lions and other animals  in sad lonely cages. Jordan Kasteler, PETA, took some time to answer questions about the animals kept at Lagoon  AND  he  shares fun things to do with your kids instead of supporting such a cruel place.

1. How many animals are housed at Lagoon? What animals are they? 
There are 65 to 80-animals, including many exotic animals, spreads across the Wild Kingdom train ride. Most Lagoon patrons have stated they had no idea the animal exhibit even existed there since they never went on the Wild Kingdom train ride. Others who have gone said they only went just to ride the train, not to see the animals. The animals on this ride are exposed to children throwing rocks and trash and noise pollution from the rides and screams. 

2. What conditions are they kept in? 
You'll see for yourself that animals are kept on cement slabs of concrete with little to no enrichment. They've been cited many times for not having proper shelter or enclosures due to being filthy, too small, and inadequate in various other ways.

3. Have there been any reports of abuse? 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited Lagoon Corporation over numerous times for failure to provide veterinary care to sick and dying animals, filthy enclosures, inadequately trained employees, and failure to provide animals with adequate space. Lagoon has had a high death rate and several unexplained deaths. 

Keep in mind that the USDA enforces the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) for it's citations, and this act only covers a minimal standard of care and exempts many animals. To get one citation is difficult to do let alone over 18 times.

4. What has PETA done to bring attention to this problem? 
PETA has helped by creating this action alert to get people to contact Lagoon about the conditions there. They also help by letting local PETA supporters know about upcoming protests too. But this isn't a PETA campaign. This is a local campaign of concerned citizens with national support from groups like PETA.

5. What is the reaction to protests? 
Since Farmington City has made it so hard for us to exercise free expression it's obvious that there's likely pressure from Lagoon to suppress us. Lagoon has sent out employees to take our pictures and watch us during protests. They know we're there but they largely don't care. The president of Lagoon, David W. Freed, and his PR counterparts at Lagoon, keep calling us liars, making misleading PR-driven statements about their animal care, etc. All complaints and attempts of diplomacy have fallen on deaf ears. They don't care to listen.

They also claim that we're just a group of angry animal activists protesting despite being given over 30,000 petition signatures from angry people all over the world with a third of those being in Utah alone. There aren't that many animal activists in Utah. These are concerned citizens, first time protesters, coming from all over to protest Lagoon.

Join the over, 1,800 people by Liking the Facebook page

6. What are some kid-friendly Summer activities for families in Salt Lake instead of going to Lagoon?

*Means special group rates available through Utah Animal Rights Coalition if switching from Lagoon Day.
*Snowbird –
·         Host up to 1,000 people.
·         Tram
·         Peruvian Chair
·         Alpine Slide
·         Ziprider
·         Climbing Wall
·         Mechanical Bull
·         Ropes Course
·         Snowbird Flyer
*The Wairhouse Trampoline 
·         15,000 Square feet of trampolines,
·         30,000 Square foot buildings
·         CafĂ© seats 100
·         Can host up to 300 people
·         Can rent entire facility

Flow Rider -
·         Indoor wave surfing/boarding for all ages
·         Water park
Trafalga Amusement Park (located in Lehi)
·         Rides and games
·         Water park
·         Batting cages
·         Arcade
·         Mini golf
Boondocks Fun
·         Mini Golf
·         Bumper Boats
·         Go-Karts
·         Batting Cages
·         Laser tag
·         Maxflight Simulator
·         4D Theatre
·         Kiddie Cove play area
·         Arcade
*Olympic Oval
·         Ice skating
iFLY Indoor Skydiving -
Utah Xtreme Paintball -
*Cowabunga Bay -
·         Water park
·         Max capacity 1,500 (or larger if split into several nights)
Natural History Museum of Utah -
The Leonardo
·         2,000 person capacity
Park City Mountain Resort -
·         Alpine slides
·         Zip line
·         Roller coaster cart ride.
·         Rock climbing
·         Mini golf
·         Bungees/trampolines
·         Gondola rides
Antelope Island -
*Desert Star Playhouse -
Fear Factory  -
·         Haunted House in lieu of Frightmares
*Hale Center
The Off Broadway Theatre -
Pioneer Theatre -
*Mulligan’s Golf -
·         Golf
·         Mini golf
·         Batting cages
·         Driving range
·         Food
WiseGuys Comedy Club -
Dinosaur Park (Ogden, UT) –
Thanksgiving Point –
Classic Fun
·         Waterpark
·         Roller skating
·         Jungle
·         3D Lazer Tag
·         Inflatable Bouncing
·         Dimecade Arcade
·         Theme rooms
·         Foam ball shooting room
·         Food
Lowes Xtreme Air Sports (Provo, UT) -
·         Foam pits
·         Trampolines
·         Tomble tracks
·         Aeroball
·         Climbing wall

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  1. This sucks. I love Lagoon. I am certainly not a PETA member or even close, but their "zoo" is indeed a joke. Just get rid of the animals. It is pathetic and disgusting.