Saturday, June 1

The Great Salt Lake Staycation

The view of Salt Lake City from the 14th floor of The Little America is marvelous. It's especially grand if you're staying at one of Salt Lake's most beloved hotels for no damn reason at all. Last week was time for a staycation.

Our staycation began with lunch on the inside-outside patio of my favorite restaurant, The Tin Angel. As usual, the service was amazing and the food spot-on. I ordered the special which was a veggie-laden primavera made with local squash and other delectable vegetables, local pasta and slightly dressed with a light pesto. So good! I could have eaten two servings easily; even my husband couldn't keep his fork away from it.

He ordered the Charcuterie Plate and was impressed by the selection. I asked for extra pickled vegetables and olives for me! :) Allow me to cut and paste from the on-line menu.

Charcuterie Plate -12.50-

Felino & Calabrese made locally by Creminelli Brothers and Pork Lomo from Spain served with House Marinated Veggies and Crostini

After lunch and a few $4.00 pomegranate mimosas we walked around the city. We walked through City Creek and Main Street and finally landed at the Wasatch Front Bar in Little America. This bar is everything you would hope for in a hotel bar; it's dark with comfortable, gigantic red booths.

The cocktails were good, especially the French Martini. I'm sorry to say that I can't remember the ingredients, but it was peachy with a nice orange peel garnish.

We selected the Getaway Package  which included a $60.00 dining credit and a bag of goodies. Our room on the 14th floor had two balconies. The view was spectacular. The room was gorgeous too. Decorated in light colors it was spacious and bright. Opening both balcony doors and walking around in the comfy hotel robe was glorious. I need to do that more. The bed was also very cozy and I was sad to leave it. I would absolutely ask for this room again.

Later that evening we ordered room service. Vegetarian options are sorely lacking from the menu. I ended up ordering a Club Sandwich (minus the cheese, bacon and turkey, leaving me with a pretty tasty avocado and tomato sandwich!). I was extremely satisfied with the french fries however. And really, who doesn't adore the miniature bottles of condiments? Anyhow, my husband ordered the chicken fingers and potstickers and was satisfied. Also, I should note that he woke up without the hint of a hangover, so he may have found the perfect combination of drinking food.

Early the next morning we opted for the famous breakfast buffet. There was a lot of food to choose from but my husband went straight to the biscuits and gravy. He seemed pleased. I would have happily paid the $19.95 to get at the fruit bar alone. Other vegetarian options included crepes, a yogurt parfait bar, waffles, pancakes, home potatoes, a breakfast burrito bar (!) and about a hundred other things. Vegan options were so-so, but the fruit bar alone would make anybody happy with ripe berries, citrus, melon, and whole bananas.

Our staycation was really what we needed. I think we'll be doing this a lot from now on. It was cheap and we didn't have to find a catsitter. And Salt Lake has a lot to offer. There are still hotels to stay in and restaurants to try!

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