Sunday, June 2

Tamales and Mochi for breakfast at the Wasatch Front Farmers' Market


Salt Lake, we've survived a brutal winter and now it's time to play. Farmer's markets are popping up all over the city. This weekend was the very first. My husband and I visited Wasatch Front Farmers Market at Wheeler Farm this Sunday and came home with ripe tomatoes, chipotle tortillas and falafel. I love this time of year!

Falafel was my only real goal for the day and I did it! Laziz sells their falafel both fried and the dough, ready to bake or fry for only $7.00. I bought the already prepared kind to add to lazy sandwiches and salads. Next week I'm going to stock up; I can see this replacing the not-local and super processed vegan meat I like.

I cannot resist.

There is a lot of vegan food to be found at this market, everything from Thai food to veggie dogs. I personally can't walk by the Salt Lake Mochi Company without indulging in a sweet treat. They have a lot of flavors, but I am partial to coconut. It's absolutely dreamy; coconut milk ice cream is wrapped in sweet, chewy mochi. Perfect for breakfast; just like the mochi dude said!

The next thing we ate was tamales. I have never met a tamale I didn't love, but my husband is just the opposite. This one was stuffed with re-fried beans and chili. Very very good.

Derek from Laziz was nice enough to let us know that Tamales Tita was now offering a vegan tamale. (Possibly my two favorite words!) Just delicious. The masa was light and the beans and chilis were gratifying. They were only $2.00 and absolutely filling and delicious. (Thanks again Derek!)

We have plans to visit their restaurant very very soon!

It's time for farmers' markets and I couldn't be happier. Next week the Downtown Farmers Market opens and I can barely sleep. Summer is when Salt Lake becomes truly delicious.


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