Saturday, June 8

Eat it now - Buds Taco Salad

I'm partial to Buds, a little vegan lunch place in downtown Salt Lake City serving hearty sandwiches and salads. They only use the freshest ingredients, and consistently provide quick (and friendly!) service at very reasonable prices.

One of my favorite dishes is the taco salad. Easily enough food to feed two, this monster of a salad is only $6.50. Instead of meat, jackfruit is slowly simmered with a smoky sweet chipotle sauce mixed with hearty black beans. The fruit becomes savory and downright meaty. The salad is topped with flavorful garlic-y guacamole and a few tortilla chips for crunch. Tucked underneath the inches of salad is a thick grilled tortilla, which makes this salad pretty filling.

Buds is the perfect lunch destination for busy downtown folks looking to eat healthier. Your wallet and heart will thank you!