Monday, May 27

Wasatch Front Farmers Market Store has everything you need.

The Wastach Front Farmers Market  store has everything I need except cat food and wine. And it's all local and reasonably priced; there's no reason not to support our local farmers and food artisans! The Wasatch Front Farmers Market happens at many locations throughout the Wasatch Front, but I enjoy the store. I don't seem to have a lot of time on the weekends to sort through crafts and children at the Farmers Market; I just want to run into a store and get everything I need for the week. Convenient. Local. Cheap.

Market Information
Open Wednesday – Sunday
Hours: 10:00am – 5:30pm
Location: 5823 S. State Street, Murray, UT 84107 

The Little Piggy Went to the Market Basket is a steal.  For $20.00 you select a loaf of freshly made Crumb Brothers Bread, a tub of Laziz Hummus, two apples, a pretty head of lettuce, a small bottle of your choice of flavored olive oil (I chose Blood Orange to use in salads), a tub of fresh salsa with locally made tortilla chips from Salsasito Mendoza. It's a good deal. And it's pretty convenient. With this basket you can make a week full of work lunches with sandwiches, apples, chips and salsa and lots of hummus. 

The basket changes week to week so make sure you're following the Wasatch Front Farmers Market on Facebook

I forgot to buy pickles!! Dammit!

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