Monday, May 27

Vegan Ricotta with Laziz's TOUM!

This is not a recipe. I'm not skilled at writing recipes, or even following them. I get this from my Grandma. Recipes schmecipes; Italian girls simply do not need them. 

Laziz Toum is a a middle-eastern garlicy spread made with garlic, lemon and olive oil. It's an ideal accompaniment to Italian food and the secret ingredient for my vegan ricotta. You can find it at Caputos, Harmons, and farmers markets. A jar is only $10.00 or so and it lasts forever!

This ricotta is ideal for lasagna, adding dollops to homemade pizza (or even cheeseless delivery pizza) and filling pasta shells. Sometimes I spread it on toast with fresh tomatoes. A simple combination of one tub of firm tofu, pressed, with a bunch of finely chopped parsley, generous squeezes of fresh lemon, salt and pepper to taste - and a tablespoon or two of my secret weapon, Laziz's Toum. Then just squish it all together with your hands (fun!). Let it sit overnight in the fridge. Taste it and adjust seasonings.

I love having cow-free ricotta ready to use in just about anything! It's a lot healthier than traditional ricotta and there are a bunch of different ways to use it. Especially in summer!

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