Monday, May 20

The Left Fork Grill, a friendly neighborhood diner with vegan options!

endless cups of coffee, freshly squeezed OJ in a frosted glass and house-made jam
The Left Fork Grill is a special place. It's a modest little diner serving fresh and carefully crafted food for extremely reasonable prices. The chef visits each table, the waitresses are beyond friendly and my coffee cup never gets below 2/3 full. The customers range from bikers, families, a lot of old people reading newspapers and there's not a hipster in sight.

the fresh fruit plate!

My husband and I learned about his hidden treasure from City Weekly's food critic, Ted Scheffler. It was featured as one of the best places to eat in Utah a few years ago, and our interest was piqued. The vegan idealist in me hoped that I could navigate the menu. And I have! Of course it helps that they are happy to oblige customers in all sorts of ways that other diners would never do. You can order sauteed veggies with homefries for a hearty, heart-healthy breakfast, or you can get my favorite - the slowly cooked steel cut oatmeal served with toast and house-made raspberry jam. So, there's not tons of vegan options (like pancakes!) but I promise, you can find something delicious.

Look how fluffy the oatmeal is! It comes with toast and jam for 3something. And it's utterly filling.

 The food at the Left Fork Grill is always good, but I think what I really like about this diner is how laid-back and friendly everyone is; the chef comes out from the kitchen to chat with the customers, the waitresses dote over their tables. The booths are big and comfy, there's a lot of newspapers to read and really, it's just the ideal diner and perfect way to start a weekend. If they added vegan pancakes to the menu, I don't think I would eat anywhere else for breakfast! Left Fork Grill on Urbanspoon

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