Sunday, May 12

Lotsa Veggie Options at Pho Que Huong!

Vegetarian Chinese Curry with tofu ($7.00) is more food than anyone can reasonably eat in a sitting. Fresh veggies, tofu and a light curry sauce. Not bad at all. My mom's Sesame Chicken is in the back there.

West Valley City is full of nice surprises, mostly food kind of surprises. Pho Que Huong inhabits what once was a JB's Restaurant (are those even still around?). I was soo happy with a sizable array of classic dishes made with vegetarian mock-meat, a good handful of veggie appetizers and yummy tapioca drinks.

The best soup in the world!! Hyperbole!!

First of all, notice the super cute Chinese astrology placemat. Cute. My lunch started with the vegetarian wonton soup. This was my favorite thing I ate here! The wontons were filled with tofu, the broth was flavorful and brimming with toasted and freshly chopped scallions. Adding a bit of Sriracha was just perfect. Soup is always such a sore spot for me in Chinese restaurants. They NEVER EVER offer a vegan soup. Pho Que Huong had me at the soup.

This is probably the most overthetop girly drink I've ever had.

While not quite what I was expecting, the Avocado and Tapioca drink was impressive! The waitress (who was totally adorable!) told me that there wasn't dairy in this, but whatever. It came with a tiny umbrella!!

Look at all the veggie options!! 

I suspect the vegetarian meats have egg or dairy although I didn't ask, but there are plenty of vegan options! Most vegetarian dishes are offered with tofu. And I'm sure I could have navigated the tapioca drink menu better. But I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to do that this summer! 

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