Thursday, April 11

wakipaki is a food truck worth stalking.

Thursday afternoons at the Gallivan Center is the food court of Salt Lake's food trucks. This is pretty much the only time I seem to be able to catch any of them! 

It's never been difficult to find delicious vegan options, but I've never found a food truck worth stalking. Until today. Waki Paki Food Truck makes the vegan-friendliest, most crave-able and downright scrumptious food I'd ever had from a truck. Pakistani street food is what it's all about people; it's spicy, filling, portable and entirely satisfying.

Just mention the word "vegan" to they will happily let you know what options are available. The wrap below can be served in a bowl, since the tortilla has a trace of dairy/egg. The samosas come with a yogurt-based sauce but there are other dippy sauces available.

I can't wait for next Thursday!

Dal and Chowel Wrap
Mo’s Basmati rice and red lentils topped with crunchy fried aromatics, cilantro, tomato, and our tangy yogurt chutney, wrapped in a warm whole wheat tortilla.  $6 (Ask for vegan, or gluten free option)

Veggie Samosa
Two vegetarian pastries stuffed with potato and cauliflower, seasoned with cumin, turmeric, and ginger, served with tangy yogurt chutney.  $3


  1. Thrilled you enjoyed my food! The inspiration for that wrap is my mom. Whenever I went home to visit, she always had Dal and Chowel ready for me. It was truly a comfort food. I will always love it!

    1. LOVED it! I'm a little obsessed with it!

    2. Really wish you had a vegan tortilla. Sounds yummy!