Sunday, April 14

Eat like a hero. Eat local.

37 different local products to sample!
Utah's Own took center stage at the closing reception of the Goveror's Economic Summit.  'Eat like a Hero' was the theme and I zoomed from table to table sampling food like a vegetarian super hero. I skipped the meaty carving table and moved directly to Utah's Own Nacho Bar with delicious samples of Lauries Buffalo Gourmet Tortilla chips and Salsasito Mendoza Salsa.

tortilla chips like you've never tasted!

The moment you bite into a tortilla chip from Laurie's Buffalo Gourmet you can taste the difference. Instead of chemical flavor-dust, you can taste real food,  like savory toasted corn and garlicy black beans. I also love their crisp texture. They taste great on their own, but paired with Salsita's Mendoza salsa, it was unforgettable. Salsita Mendoza  is described as "summer in a jar" and it's filled with fresh tomatoes, peppers and other plentiful flavors of summer. 

 I'd have to say my favorite item were the spicy jellies from Pepperlane. Both spicy and sweet, this would be a brilliant addition to every sandwich ever and possibly even french toast. This is a taste I have needed in my life! 

I tried this spicy jelly with a seeded baguette from Crumb Brothers. The smokiness of the seeds with the sweetness of the jelly was heavenly. Other people were pairing this with the assortment of cheese and meats offered, but I was day dreaming about a really good peanut butter jelly sandwich.

We totally have it going on in Utah. Why eat food from somewhere else? Keep tabs on Utah's Own to stay in the know about local food and events!

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