Wednesday, March 27

Taste of Red Iguana - the best vegan fast food in Salt Lake City!

a sexy mole close up
Taste of Red Iguana, a food court version of Salt Lake's infamous Red Iguana, is the best vegan fast food there is. Located in City Creek,and on my way home from work, this place has become my take-out staple. I can jump off Trax at the City Center stop, run to Taste of Red Iguana, get my food and catch the next train. That is 15 minutes people! That is some fast fucking food.

I must be the worst writer because I can't explain how good this tastes.

And it's awesome. They use fresh ingredients and create complex tastes that are so magical I don't fully understand them. Mole is a beautiful, delicious mystery to me. A simple rice and bean burrito smothered with decadent mole has been my jam for the past few weeks. And I pretty much crave it every day. The combination of fluffy spanish rice and creamy, savory refried beans covered in the chocolatey/spicy/idon'tknowwhat is seriously delicious, cheap and FAST! 

 Ordering items without dairy is no problem here, unlike most Mexican places. The staff is well-versed on the menu and don't even look at you weird when you order something without cheese. Besides craving it every day, I like going here because they've made it sooo easy for vegans, or people with food allergies or weirdos with gluten issues. 

One day I just ordered a side of beans and rice for breakfast. Not a bad breakfast at all.  Although it was kind of weird to eat breakfast in a food court. That reminded me too much of my years working at the Gap and Nordstrom.

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  1. A lot of mexican places use chicken broth in their rice... did you happen to ask about that?