Sunday, March 10

City Cakes & Cafe's wonderful new location!

the perfect little lunch: half of a humungous black bean veggie burger with all the toppings  between two slices of Dave's Killer Bread, their infamous Mac n Cheezah! (which is unbelievably delicious!) and a petite ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie for around $6.00. You really can't beat it.

I love introducing my friends to scrumptious vegan food! I wish it was my full-time job. (Note to self: check into that shit!) A great place to do this is one of Salt Lake's favorite vegan bakeries,  City Cakes & Cafe. They have a variety of savory vegan and gluten-free lunch items, like decadent au gratin potatoes and the life-changing Mac n' Cheezah - the most luscious dairy-free mac and cheese I've tasted. And of course, a pastry case filled with mouthwatering sweets like raspberry lemon bars, cupcakes and my favorite, tirimasu.

Treats for Darby!
The new location of City Cakes (1000 S. Main Street) is just as adorable as their old location, but has a bright, spacious kitchen and plenty of parking (the old lady in me delights at ample parking!) It's great to see a vegan bakery growing so quickly!

I was a bit remiss when they moved from the comfortable spot near Liberty Park. My little dog and I enjoyed picking up many birthday cakes and other treats (and even doggie treats!) and taking a quick stroll through Salt Lake's most gorgeous park. One time we even lost the car. We are adventurers!

Treats to take home! Cookie Dough, Cream Cheeze, Magic Cheezah! and other delicious vegan foods!

While you're there for lunch, be sure to check out selections to take home. I really regret not stocking up, but no worries because I'm sure I'll be back this week. I still need to sample their waffles. Is waffles and macaroni and cheese a thing? Because it's gonna be one this week.

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