Friday, March 15

Chabaar - Vegan Breakfast in Midvale!

my beautiful vegan waffle. <3 covered with fresh raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. $8.00 is a bit pricey for a waffle, but it was delicious! And all that ripe fruit was heavenly on top of the light, crisp waffle. I'm looking forward to trying the other fruit toppings, and of course, the crepe!

 Chabaar, sister restaurant to my beloved Tea Rose Diner, has some serious vegan breakfast game (and the best Thai food in Salt Lake!) And it's in Midvale, which is pretty cool, not a lot of vegan stuff happens in Midvale, but now there is breakfast and killer Thai food! Midvale Vegans - your time has come! :)

This is the Garden Pile High. Hashbrowns topped with fresh veggies and vegan cheese probably shouldn't cost $12.00, but with the addition of their house hot sauce, it was tasty. And I'm always satisfied if there is broccoli and hot sauce on my plate. The addition of tofu or noodles (or at least toast!) could make this dish a little more hearty, and worth the price!
The vegan breakfast menu has a quite a few intriguing items, but I'm especially looking forward to trying the Vegan Thai Omelet. It's a reasonable $9.00 and sounds delectable. It's a crepe filled with sauteed tofu, veggies, sweet chili sauce and peanuts. YUM.

There is something eternally appealing to me about eating in diners. The booths were comfy and the waitresses were so nice; I could spend every Sunday morning here with breakfast and the newspaper. And just like a diner, the coffee was terrible.(Maybe order some OJ with your breakfast ... )

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  1. Try the Joke (pronounced jook). A vegan rice porridge with great savory additions. Bits of tofu, ginger, hot peppers, etc. My favorite breakfast in all of Salt Lake.