Friday, March 22

Anna reviews Vertical Diner

This is Anna, my niece. She will be taking over once a month. We have big plans for this blog! 

If you used to love meat and are tempted to eat more while you're vegan; DON'T! The Vertical Diner has a great selection of world's favorite meats veganized such as bacon, sausage, and chicken. 

While I was there I had the vegan/vegetarian bacon and the chicken strips. The bacon was made of what appears to be barley, glazed in a delicious sauce with LOTS of flavor, and fried to become bacon! The chicken was a form of some kind of tofu (actually it was seitan!), breaded, and deep-fried. Also I got their hash browns and their rice with black beans. The hash browns weren't shredded like usual, but the potatos were PURPLE! They were diced, seasoned, and fried with some whole mushrooms. The rice was a Spanish rice with about a quarter of its portion of black beans.

This meal was very delicious and surprising to me of how far vegan food can go.
And this is what she ordered. Rice and beans, breaded chicken,  hashbrowns and tempeh bacon. 

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