Saturday, February 23

Vegan Cuts Snack Box! You need it!

If you love getting mail and eating delicious vegan food, you need to subscribe to Vegan Cuts Snack Box! For $19.95 per month you are gifted with a variety of animal-free snackies perfect for lunches, emergencies and sneaking into movie theaters! 


  1. hi aunt Amanda! its me Anna! We should make you a Youtube channel and do vegan food hauls at whole foods! can't wait for this Sunday! Love You! Luv Your Blog!

  2. Hi Auntie! It's me, Anna! I can't wait for this Sunday and other months to come! Doing reviews once a month together will be awesome! We should start a Youtube channel for you called AmandaEatsSLC and do video reviews and vegan food hauls at whole foods! Love you and your blog!

    1. Anna! <3 I'm so excited for our food adventures together. We are going to have SO MUCH FUN! Love you!