Thursday, January 17

Blueberry pancakes - the solution for SAD

blueberry pancakes from Vertical Diner with real maple syrup!

I've made the case for a Pancake Course before. I'm still a little bothered that it hasn't caught on. But what I'm offering today is a solution! A solution for the crippling Seasonal Affective Disorder that is plaguing each and every one of us that live in Salt Lake City.

The air is thick and grey and it's fucking cold. I've been sleeping for ten hours a day, moping around the house and watching hours of television. But you know what? Pancakes. 

Fluffy vegan pancakes filled with blueberries, topped with margarine and real Vermont maple syrup from Vertical Diner make everything okay. 


  1. THIS. Except I get them with raspberries instead :)

    1. Interesting! :P you know I keep trying to reemember to try chocolate chips AND bananas, but chocolate and raspberries sound so good!

  2. Sending you hugs! Sunshine will be here before you know it! And in the meantime, pancakes certainly do heal everything.